Find out the winners of the ICLGG 2019 travel grants!

Five students and PhD candidates from four continents, travelling from afar

ICLGG 2019 travel grants – The winners have been announced!

For the 2019 edition of ICLGG, five travel grants were offered to students and PhD candidates submitting abstracts for the conference. Evaluated by the ICLGG International Advisory Board on the basis of the quality of their abstract and with a criteria of travel distance taken into account, five applicants have been selected to benefit from these travel grants worth 300€ each. Find out who won below!


Congratulations to our travel grant winners, representing four different continents!

Name Institution
Timo Hellwig
The Hebrew University of
Jerusalem (Israel)
Ana Lucia Rodas
Intituto de Biología Molecular
y Celular en Plantas IBMCP (Spain)
Candy Taylor
The University of Western Australia (Australia)
Karidiatou Traore
Institut de l’Environnement et
de Recherches Agricoles (Burkina Faso)
Kamal Uddin
The University of Sydney (Australia)


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